VICTOR, N.Y. — Some Victor Central School District students will be back in the classroom Friday as the district continues to deal with a ransomware attack.

Superintendent Tim Terranova said phone systems are up and running along with emergency alarms.

Internet is still down, so teachers will be working directly with students.

In-person learning can resume for students at early childhood school as well as primary school gold cohort pre-k through third grade.

Grades 4 through 12 will remain remote Friday.

Terranova said between Friday and Sunday, laptops across the district will be re-imaged to provide protection.

He is hopeful all students can return to school Monday.

"Our parents have been incredible, you know? They've already been dealing with having to have kids here some of the time. Some of our parents have chosen to have their kids 100% virtual as you know. They're balancing their own family, they're balancing being pseudo-teachers to their kids. As they work collaboratively with us and then we have to tell them, 'by the way, now nobody's coming to school for a while,”’ said Terranova.