A Penfield music school is teaming up with some other kid-focused businesses to create a fall academic program for kids.

Starting September 14, "Bach 2 Rock" in Penfield is going to offer half-day and full-day programs for kids that'll include some tutoring time, exercise, and music lessons.

Bach 2 Rock owner Nick Valente says families are looking for some additional educational options when school starts, so Bach 2 Rock, the Tutor Doctor, and Martial Arts America are working together to host a fall program called Mind, Music, Motion at Bach 2 Rock on Penfield Road. The daytime program is a 10-week, half-day, or full-day program for students K-12.

"It really came down to listening to our parents and even asking them 'what are you looking for?' Some people were looking for more than daycare or just being watched in the neighborhood or homeschooling so we looked at the three aspects they are looking for; academics, physical education, and arts," said Nick Valente of Back 2 Rock.

There are no more than a dozen students and staff in the studios at a time, there are safety barriers and sanitizing stations set up along with a health screening at check-in. 

Since March, Bach 2 Rock has hosted 4,000 virtual lessons. They're happy to be back and rocking with summer camp, lessons, and the new fall program.

"Music lessons... it's a social experience and meant to be done in-person with your instructor and we also form bands and glee clubs, so to be together with your friends and teachers is the optimal way to learn. We wanted to offer some sort of program for those who work each day and wanted more than just daycare."

The Mind, Music Motion program runs September 14 through November 20. 

The half-day program is $72/day and the full-day program is $144/day.