Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School in Rochester is graduating its first class of seniors ever in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The first class, the first generation from that school. This class is going to graduate and they can't really finish it completely is kinda down," said Joshua Pedraza, father to 2020 graduate, Jania Pedraza.

For Jania Pedraza and Jaylen Fernandez, their senior year didn't go quite as planned.

"It's speeding through all of it without experiencing none of it but I hope that people like me will still achieve their dreams even if they are obstacles," said Pedraza.

"I'm really bummed about that, especially because there was two classes I really wanted to be in so it was like yeah, I missed that part," added Fernandez.

Principal Wellinthon Muñoz says the school will celebrate their accomplishments as the first graduating class with an initimate ceremony.

Each student will able to bring four guests.

The guests will have to stay in the car while the students, who will be social distancing, partake in the ceremony. 

"With the new guidelines provided by the state, we're using that and we getting the maximum to provide everyone with a memorable graduation experience in some way, shape, or form while not too together," explained Muñoz.

Fernandez welcomes the change.

"We were bummed out that we had to do it online, but now since we heard that we can actually do an in-person ceremony that's great because we get to see each other one last time," said Fernandez.

Then the seniors look to the future.

"I'm going to go to MCC for one year and then RIT for the last three for Mechanical Engineering and Technology," said Fernandez.

"I plan to go to college hopefully in August for about two years and hopefully transfer to U of R for Radiology," added Pedraza.

The graduation ceremony will be on June 27.