Leaders from the Rochester Teachers Association are already in Albany ahead of Lobby Day Tuesday, ready to call on the state for help closing a monumental budget shortfall in the distrct.

The Rochester Teachers Association outlined a plan for lobby day obtained by Spectrum News.

The letter says “the Rochester city schools are in a fiscal crisis” and highlights three requests from state lawmakers.

The first thing the letter lists is that the district is owned $86 million in foundation aid from New York State. The RTA believes that amount alone would close the budget gap and restore the teachers positions cut last month.

The letter goes on to say that every year the state fails to fully fund the foundation aid formula, districts like Rochester pay the price.

In additional to money, RTA says it is seeking immediate relief in the form of a “spin up” loan worth $25 million to help close the multimillion dollar budget gap.

 “City kids have already been disrupted, and city kids don’t deserve to be disrupted again this year, if we don't get any additional funding,” said RTA President Adam Urbanski. “I fear that we will have further budget reductions.”

The final request in the letter is asking lawmakers to enact a law creating a fiscal monitor for the school district. RTA believes this would help with the long term fiscal stability of the school district.

Overall, Urbanski says he’s optimistic and hopeful about lobbying for the district.

Several buses full of parents, teachers and advocates are also making the journey to Albany.