Early exit polling numbers in the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races are coming in from Edison Research.

When it comes to overall issues, health care is the highest priority, with 42 percent voting on that. Next is the economy at 23 percent, then gun control at 20 percent and immigration at 11 percent.

Looking more closely at health care policy, 71 percent of voters so far say major changes are needed; 24 percent would like to see minor changes made, and 3 percent say the health care system is fine as is.

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Taxes have been another big issue. When asked how the Republican-backed tax cuts on the federal level has impacted them, 27 percent say it has helped them, while 39 percent say they have been hurt by the tax cuts — while 32 percent say they haven't been impacted at all.

And we're seeing voters are split when it comes to President Donald Trump's approach to foreign policy. Forty-five percent of voters say we are more safe, while 45 percent say less safe. Nine percent say there is no difference.