ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Pictures of the area’s most wanted fugitives appear in the paper, at the post office and in libraries. Some of their faces are plastered on billboards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“They know they are being sought after,” United States Marshal Charles Salina said. “They know the Task Force is looking for them so they’re hiding and when somebody is a fugitive and on the run they are capable of anything.

“The Task Force will start looking for the fugitive and decide that this individual is either hiding very well and they’ll figure out a neighborhood where3 the fugitive is known to frequent and has contacts and relatives,” Salina said. “Lamar advertising is very cooperative and they will give us the billboard in an area where the investigator thinks it will be most fruitful and will place it up there until he is captured.”

In the last five years the US Marshals Task Force in Rochester has put 16 violent felons no billboards. So far, agents have located and arrested 13 of those 16 fugitives based on anonymous tips from the public.

One on Hudson Avenue has a guy wanted for several local burglaries.

“Any of the cases we profile, for instance out of the 13 we arrested, range from murder to sexual assault against children, rape, weapons, drugs and anything violent and they are actively evading law enforcement,” Salina said.

The Task Force in Rochester arrests an average of 400 violent felons per year. Billboards are another way the community can help law enforcement protect public safety.

“When somebody is captured, Lamar will put up a captured sign over it and we will leave it up for a few days so the public knows it is working,” Salina said.