Two Rochester men accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her for ransom pleaded not guilty Monday morning.

Isaiah Nesmith, 27, and Anthony Wiggins, 27 are both facing first degree kidnapping charges.

Rochester police say they received a call around 7 p.m. Saturday about a woman who was taken against her will. They say the two abducted the woman from her home Saturday night and threatened to kill her until her boyfriend delivered money and drugs to them in exchange for her return. Court paperwork says they held what appeared to be a pistol.

Investigators say officers tried to stop a vehicle of interest on Augustine Street around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. That's when Nesmith and Wiggins took off, leading police on a pursuit.

That chase led officers to Ridgeway Avenue where the suspects crashed their vehicle. That's when officers say Nesmith and Wiggins got out and ran.

Police say they found the victim of the kidnapping uninjured inside the crashed car.

Nesmith and Wiggins were eventually found and taken into custody.

Police say the two may face additional charges by a Monroe County Grand Jury. Both Nesmith and Wiggins are being held with no bail no release.