Five people are displaced after a fire on Hollister Street in Rochester. 

Firefighters say a space heater in the basement appears to have caused the fire. A man inside the home tried to move the heater, but burned his hands. He was treated at the scene.

Four other people inside were able to make it out safely. Fireighters say there is something to be learned from this incident.

“One is, space heaters are an issue, especially because we’re getting into that cold season, so you really have to follow those instructions and make sure you’re taking the proper precautions," said deputy chief Jim Ryan. "Secondly, you notice there’s a fire, get out of the house and make that phone call. That early phone call gets us there a lot earlier.”

Firefighters say the home appears to be a complete loss. The Red Cross is helping the homeowners.

Elsewhere, firefighters battled the elements as they worked to put out a fire on Judson Street — near Genesee Street in Rochester. 

Fire deputies say a man inside was cooking just before the fire broke out around 3 a.m.

Despite heavy flames and smoke, he was able to get out safely. 

"No injuries to the occupant of the house and no injuries to firefighters right now; 5 minutes is a pretty good response time for the conditions that we faced this evening," Ryan said. 

The home suffered serious damage. 

Red Cross is helping the man with housing.