Interstate 490 is back open after multiple weather-related crashes shut down the highway for much of the overnight.

State police say a trooper was injured in one of those pileups, and is currently being treated at the hospital for injuries.

Officials say one of those crashes involved at least 11 cars on the on-ramp to 490 from South Avenue.

A number of ambulances were called, some of which had to come from the wrong direction down 490 to get to the crashes.

No word yet on the total number of people injured.

Near that area, state police say a trooper's vehicle was struck while investigating a separate crash on the Freddie Sue Bridge, causing another pileup.

The trooper is being treated at the hospital for non life threatening injuries. 

Due to the icy conditions, Rochester police helped state police by shutting down 490 in both directions between 390 and the exit for Goodman around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police escorted Department of Transportation salt trucks through the area, focusing on overpasses and bridges.

Tow trucks were able to come in and tow out many of the cars involved in the crashes.  

The highway was reopened just before 2 a.m.

Here's a live look at traffic in the Greater Rochester area.