Prosecutors say a past chief and a current officer of a small town Texas police department are involved with last month's double homicide in Wayne County.

The Texas Department of Public Safety tells Spectrum News that Joseph Flores, the current acting chief of the Sunray Police Department, has been charged with tampering with government documents — but there's no word if there is a connection to the shooting deaths in Sodus.

The department's former chief, Timothy Dean, is under arrest for two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn at their home on October 22.

The Wayne County sheriff says a custody battle between Niles and Dean's wife Charlene Childers may have been motive. 

Childers is charged with conspiracy and weapons possession.

According to court paperwork, Childers talked with Dean about killing Niles several times, and even rented the car which Dean used to drive to New York to commit the murders.

Bron Bohlar, 34, is charged with felony conspiracy.

Officers say the Sunray police officer was part of the conspiracy that led to the deaths.