Danielle Allen, the Livingston County woman convicted in the murder of her boyfriend in 2016, learned Tuesday she will spend the next three to nine years in a state prison.

“She took a life and I thought the maximum was appropriate and it’s a difficult decision for Judge Wiggins and I respect it. It’s difficult for everybody. Both families I have respect and a admiration for,” said Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey.

She fatally stabbed her boyfriend, Marcus Postell, nearly two years ago following an argument.

“This was not supposed to happen," she said. "I have absolutely no idea how to express my most sincere apology. I’m more sorry for this situation then I have been for anything else in my entire life."

She was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in July. Previously, Allen claimed she stabbed Postell in the chest in self-defense as the two argued in her apartment. 

Allen became emotional while Postell’s mother Lorrain Whitehouse spoke in court.

“This didn’t have to happen. I want my son," Whitehouse said. "I want him to be here with me and I don’t get to see Marcus come full circle. I don’t get to see him grow up, become a husband, a father, an uncle. I don’t hold bitterness. I pray for her, I want good for her and her family.”

Allen is the daughter of New York State Trooper Rick Allen. Because of the suspect's relationship to state police, they were not involved in the investigation.

Joel Daniels, Danielle Allen's attorney, says he will be filing a notice of appeal.