A Rochester man shot three people, one fatally, and led police on a chase ending on the northeast side of the city, where he was shot dead by law enforcement. Police said Terrell Blake had planned out a much bigger attack, intending to kill his family.

Blake, 40, and 28-year-old Antane Lopez, believed a former romantic partner of Blake's, were dead after Wednesday's shootings.

The other two victims were identified as 20-year-old Terrell Blake Jr., Blake's son, and 25-year-old Willie Jakes, believed Lopez's current romantic partner.

It began when officers responded to a call for a shooting on Post Avenue, near Arnett Boulevard, around 9:40 a.m. in the city's 19th Ward. That's where police found Lopez, who was already deceased, and Jakes.

About 40 minutes into that homicide investigation, police received a call for another shooting on the city's northeast side, on Frances Street. Police say there, Blake Jr. was found with gunshot wounds to the lower body. Blake Jr. then identified the shooter as his father.

After connecting the two crime scenes based on the suspect's vehicle, police then picked up the chase on Rochester's northeast side. Officers were in pursuit on North Goodman Street when gunshots rang through the neighborhood.

"The vehicle ended up crashing into a driveway into other vehicles. Shots were exchanged. The suspect suffered a fatal gunshot wound and was taken into custody," said Monroe County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Michael Fowler. "There were many rounds exchanged, so we're still putting together the fatal round."

Back in the 19th Ward, a Post Avenue neighbor, Greselda Thompson, has lived in the area since 1982 and says she heard some yelling and saw a person running.

“All I heard was, ‘Oh God, oh God.' I looked up and saw someone running, but that was about it," Thompson said. "I thought it was just a girlfriend thing so I went back into the backyard, I didn’t know. It’s been quiet. This street has been one of the nicest streets here in the 19th Ward. No problems — I thought it would be safe because the school reopened and it’s right in the vicinity right there. This is crazy.”

Three schools across the city were at one time placed into lockout, then returned to standard operating procedure.

Police were credited with quick thinking, bravery and relying on training for keeping a nearly unthinkable situation from becoming much worse.

"We believe the suspect had every intention of killing many more people than he was able to do," said Mayor Lovely Warren, D-Rochester, "but because of the response of the Rochester Police Department, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and the New York State Police, this tragedy was brought to an end before it got worse."