LEROY, N.Y. — A cat who was left to die in an air tight plastic bin in Genesee County has been rescued.

Munson, as those now caring for him at the animal shelter call him, is a beautiful, green-eyed, long-haired tiger cat. The name was chosen because of where he was found, abandoned on the side of the road on Munson Street in Leroy.  

This feline wasn’t just abandoned, he was left trapped inside a plastic bin with the the bin duct taped shut and no air holes.

A passerby spotted him and flagged down a Leroy Police Officer. The officer rescued the frightened and confused kitty.

"It makes me very angry that people do things such as this because the cat obviously cannot defend itself and it was put in there to suffocate and die," said Ann Marie Brade, Genesee County Animal Shelter dog control officer.

Munson – whose life was nearly snuffed out — is being cared for in the sick bay, isolation area of the Genesee County Animal Shelter. Brade says Munson is in good health, but confused. The staff is making sure he has food and water and is also giving him plenty of love and attention.

"It’s very scared, it’s very scared, but he is friendly," Brade said. "He’s not aggressive at all. He’s just very unsure as to what is going on."

Leroy Police are working to find out who left Munson trapped in the container. If caught, the suspect is facing animal cruelty charges.

Munson is estimated to be about two-to-three years old. He is a male, unneutered, long-haired tiger cat, as they are calling him, and the authorities do not believe that he’s a stray. Shelter officials believe Munson is someone’s pet because his coat is in good condition and he’s well fed.

"We’re getting a lot of calls about people wanting to adopt him," Brade said. "He is not up for adoption yet. Whether or not he goes up for adoption will be depending the outcome of the investigation.

Leroy police are asking anyone who may know who this cat belongs to, to contact them. Until then, this cat will try to adjust to life at the shelter as a cuddler, who escaped death, and shaved off one of his nine lives.

PETA is now offering a reward for information regarding who may have abandoned the cat. Anyone with information is asked to call the Leroy Police Department at 585-345-6350.