ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Interim Rochester Police Chief Mark Simmons wanted to make it clear Friday morning that the violence throughout the city, including a double homicide on Wilkins Street, is unacceptable.

In all, two people were killed and three others injured in three separate shootings Thursday night. All of this, in the chief's first week on the job, as he was sworn in Monday to replace Michael Ciminelli. 

Simmons made it clear he intends to use every resource within the RPD's disposal to ensure  people who settle matters with firearms stop terrorizing their neighborhoods. 

Foot patrols from the Community Affairs Bureau met with residents door-to-door in the Wilkins Street section of Rochester's northeast.  



A city-wide response to the shootings, and this month's update in gun violence, focused not on random acts, but on people police know are willing to end conflict with gunfire.

"This will not stand. Families should not live in fear," he said. "The RPD is coming for you. The RPD is coming for you."

The police chief disclosed few details of his plan to squash September's rise in violent shootings in the city.