The Livingston County Sheriff’s office has released dash cam footage of the interaction between Geneseo Police Officer Dylan DiPasquale and David Clyde Morgan.

Geneseo Police Officer Dylan DiPasquale’s voice can be heard on the camera: “62 South of Dewey Hill, 509 has one at gunpoint. Shot fired – he pointed right at me. 509 – shots fired. He went into the cornfield. I can’t see the male.”

The driver of the stolen white SUV, Morgan, and his passenger, Sandra Brown, got out of the car and Morgan pulled a gun on the officer.

Police say neither suspect was hit when Officer DiPasquale fired a single shot and that Morgan did not shoot his weapon.

The officer called for help on his shoulder-attached radio and the dash cam shows the suspects flee into the cornfield.

The Geneseo Police Chief says the officer involved was shaken up and this video shows just how dangerous even a simple traffic stop can be for the police.

“As you see in the video, the operator jumps right out of the car, so normally you sit in the car and you wait until the officer comes up, he jumps out it’s a little alarming, he orders him back in he doesn’t go back in he’s got a firearm on the side of his body,” said Chief Eric Osganian. “I mean yeah, it’s like that, you go from zero to sixty.”



Morgan is still missing. Brown was later arrested and is facing six charges, including a felony charge for menacing a police officer. 

Officials also announced that Morgan is being charged by criminal complaint with being a felon in possession of a firearm, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. 

Authorities are plastering Morgan's face on billboards in several states and using social media in their effort to capture the fugitive.  They want the public to pay attention to identifying characteristics such as his tattoos.

Police also say Morgan is a very well-spoken person.

The sheriff says it is highly unlikely he is still in Geneseo or the nearby area, however he is asking that people in the community remain vigilant. 

“If you drove by this traffic stop and you have any valuable information, or even if you just drove by and saw them out there, contact our office,” said Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty. “Some of those cars going by we have not identified.”