ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Two people are dead and another is in critical condition after a shooting in the city's southwest side on Wednesday.

Police say two men were found dead inside of a car at the Rite Aid parking lot on Thurston Road near Brooks Avenue around 1 a.m.

The families of the two men identified them as William Gibson and Anthony Robertson, telling Spectrum News that they were close friends.

A woman was also found shot nearby. She was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where police say she's in critical condition.

"We're going to interview anybody in the area. Again, our protocol here is we'll do an extremely thorough crime scene search for any type of physical evidence that we can find," said Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli. 

No one is in custody at this time. 

Ciminelli says they want to ensure the community that they’ll do everything they can to bring justice, even as the investigation remains in the early stages. 

"Very unfortunate incident," Ciminelli said. "I certainly understand the concern of people that live in this area. When anything like this happens, we want to ensure them that we're on it now. We will be in this neighborhood, and we will do everything we can and we will hopefully identify the people that did this and bring them to justice."

Throughout the night, many people including neighbors, friends and family members of the victims gathered at the scene. Neighbors say they don’t normally see this type of activity in their neighborhood and usually feel safe.

One man has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years and says he loves his neighborhood and that it's tight-knit group. He says he doesn’t remember the last time their was a killing in this area. 

"The incident that happened last night shocked us because this is a quiet neighborhood," said neighbor Paul Brownlee. "We must have been her since '95 after my father passed. We never had no big problem like that. We really liked it. It was calm."

"It is really unfortunate, it’s too much, all the kids getting killed," said neighbor Dom Matondo.