NAPLES, N.Y. -- Officials are investigating a fatal house fire in the Town of Naples.

Sheriff's deputies say a driver passing by the house reported the fire in shortly before 4 a.m. Tuesday on County Road 36 just south of East Lake Road.

Authorities say 94-year-old Marian Fleischmann and 64-year-old Michael Schenk died as a result of the fire. Investigators are working to determine the cause. Schenk was renting a room in the home according to deputies.

“At this point there is no indication or evidence of any incendiary attempt at this time," said Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero. "However, I would always preface that by saying whenever we investigate a fire it is a very detailed and very time consuming investigation.”

Fleischmann built that house with her husband back in the 40s. One of her four children, Garry Wohlschlegel, said the house meant a lot to her. Although they tried to move her into a nursing home, she was determined to stay there.

“She’s very stubborn. She’s always saying that my kids are trying to get me into a nursing home and I’m not going. I want to be right in my home. It’s just so hard. I’m kind of speechless with all of this going on,” said Kristin Jenner, cousin of Fleischmann.

One neighbor said he never met a woman as hard working as Marian.

“She was a hard working woman. She managed the grape vineyards for many years. She’d sell grapes out front and she made grape pies and was a good painter. I think she used to sell her paintings out front there,” said one neighbor.         

Marian’s body was found in the basement of the home after firefighters say it appears the first floor collapsed in the fire. Kristin says that one of Marian’s biggest fears was that her home would catch fire.

“When I saw that I was like wow her biggest fear happened. My heart sunk and I was thinking that I remember she would sleep in the living room and all I could think was that poor lady and I cried and cried,” added Jenner.

Marian would have turned 95 this July. Garry says this past Mother’s Day, she told him she doesn’t regret anything and has loved everything she’s done.