GENESEO, N.Y. -- The man accused of badly injuring his two-month-old child said "I did not hurt my son" as he was walked into court.

Brock Hyde is charged with assault and reckless assault of a child. Calling it a "horrific case of child abuse," police in the Livingston County village of Nunda said he beat his infant child so badly that the boy suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs, hemorrhaged eyeballs and other injuries.

Police say along with the broken skull, the then 2-month-old child was found with 11 broken ribs in various stages of healing, fluid on the brain and a broken bone in his foot.

In a statement to police, the 35-year-old Hyde said he was playing and swinging his 11-week-old son inside a Mill Street residence in November, when he was startled by his wife walking into the room. He told police that he squeezed to catch the baby, but missed and the child fell and hit his head on the couch.

In December, Hyde's wife noticed the baby had a lump on its side. A doctor ordered x-rays and also called Child Protective Services. On December 11, when those x-rays were performed, CPS took the baby away. The baby is now in foster care.

Hyde, who was on parole at the time of his arrest, has an extensive criminal history, being previously convicted of burglary, robbery, assault and attempted reckless endangerment.

Once inside, Hyde pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. His attorney did not want to speak after court. The judge set his bail at $100,000.

Court paperwork also stated that Hyde took a polygraph exam with state police investigators, and at times, the report said he was lying. After walking out of the room, the investigators said Hyde called his wife, pleading with her to admit she caused the baby's injuries, saying his parole status could equal life in prison, while she would only get probation. District Attorney Greg McCaffrey would not comment if the baby's mother would face charges or if she was part of the investigation.