ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The former Irondequoit police officer who admitted to stalking his ex-girlfriend was sentenced to five years in prison.

William Rosica pleaded guilty to five counts of cyber stalking and computer intrusion.

In district court Thursday, Rosica admitted that he created a false identity and false emails to harass the victim for nearly a year after she ended their three year relationship in 2016. Rosica even encouraged the woman to kill herself. He also used his position as a police officer to access law enforcement databases and other restricted systems to get information on the victim and her family. The prosecutor read a statement from the victim detailing how William Rosica destroyed her life.

During sentencing, Judge Geraci referred to Rosica`s crimes as sick and disturbuing. The judge also spoke on several phone calls Rosica made behind bars where he did not take full responsibility for his crimes. As part of his punishment the 51 year old will have to pay more than $2,000 in restitution, spend 60 months in jail, wear a monitoring device and have limited access to the internet.

Irondequoit Police Department released a statement following the sentencing:

“Today’s sentencing of former Irondequoit police officer William Rosica represents justice and we applaud the United States Attorney’s Office for their work to secure this conviction.

Mr. Rosica not inflicted terrible emotional pain onto his victim, he abused his position as a police officer to do so. His actions do not represent the four dozen sworn officers of the Irondequoit Police Department, who serve with dignity and protect our community from terrible domestic abuse like this. Mr. Rosica’s crimes run in direct conflict with the oath of office taken by every police officer.

We applaud the victim who came forward to confront her attacker, and we recognize how brave she is for having done so. Let this conviction give hope to other victims that they are not alone in this fight. They have the law on their side. Moreover, they have the support of their entire community and we stand ready to support other victims confronted with such evil and cruelty.”