ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Iris Vazquez looks in every way like a happy, smiling three-year-old girl, just a few days after she was found abandoned inside a Ridgeway Avenue apartment.

Her mother, Sharisa Vazquez, allegedly left Iris and baby Alelaida, who's in the hospital recovering from severe dehydration, alone for hours among garbage, human feces on the floor, dirty diapers and open food containers. Vazquez is charged with reckless endangerment, child abandonment and faces other counts.

Iris was found by a neighbor last week, wandering around the common area naked, alone and crying for her mother. Mori Prout says Iris' hair was matted, and the girl was covered in filth. She's now clean, wearing brand new clothes, and smiling.

Iris is in the custody of her grandmother, Rosalina Rivera. When Alelaida is released, she will come live with her aunt, Neilda Lugo.

Lugo said they had no idea of the conditions the girls were living in. Rivera believes Vazquez left the girls for hours alone many times before, and that she took custody of Iris before.

"She called us, that she had hit Iris, and we went over there and she had a black-and-blue, her eye, and that's when the police came and called CPS," Rivera said. "It was Christmas and I got her until February 14, when CPS told me I had to give the girls back to her.

Monroe County stated that according to state law, it cannot confirm or deny any existing or past CPS case.

"I told them, I said it would happen again, because I know it was going to happen and look at the circumstances," Rivera said.

"Why couldn't you look for help," asked Lugo, who started an online fundraiser to help with the girls' care. "Why couldn't you seek some type of help instead of having the girls living in that kind of circumstance?"