SODUS, N.Y. -- Authorities in Wayne County are investigating a homicide after a senior at Sodus High School was killed.

Officials identified the victim as 17-year-old Alyssa Taft.

The suspect, 19-year-old David Knight-Hollis, is charged with murder in the second degree and was arraigned Friday morning.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts says that Knight-Hollis invited Taft over in an attempt to rekindle a past relationship, to which Taft refused.

Knight-Hollis is accused of stabbing Taft in the chest and slitting her throat.

“The case is very strong. The sheriff’s office did a great job of responding and investigating," said Chris Bokelman, acting district attorney. "It’s a terrible tragedy for the Heart family to lose a 17-year-old daughter in this manner. I mean the loss of a child is never easy, but the loss of a child to a murder is tragic.”

The sheriff says that Knight-Hollis made an attempt to dispose of the body before calling 911 himself. Virts says that Knight-Hollis has no criminal history that the sheriff's office is aware of and that he was a graduate of Sodus High School. Virts also says Knight-Hollis was cooperative with authorities.

Police had Boyd Road at Ridge Road in Sodus blocked off as they investigated the scene at the Bay Village mobile home community. Nearby neighbors expressed shock that this could happen so close to home.

"Well I think it doesn't matter how old, it's upsetting someone's life has been taken. Two lives have been ruined; the once that's deceased now, and the poor person that shot her; his life is ruined forever. How do you ever get over that?" said neighbor Lorraine Walker.