An RIT alumnus and upstate New York native is at the forefront of new way to easily show others they've been vaccinated for COVID-19. 

Ian Mikutel, who graduated from RIT in 2010, is the co-founder of which is offering blue silicone wristbands to denote that a person has been vaccinated. 

Mikutel says the wristbands are patterned after Nike's Livestrong bracelets. 

He calls it a grassroots, social signaling movement. He also hopes to increase awareness about vaccination. 

"It's one thing for the state or government to open things back up, but I know I feel better when I see some signal at a local level with my friends and family and co-workers," said Mikutel.

If you'd like a VacSeen bracelet, the company is holding a Kickstarter campaign through Sunday, January 10. 

Donors of $5 will receive one bracelet. Donors of $1,000 will receive 400. 

Click here for the Kickstarter.