The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce discussed Phase 2 reopening Friday.

What You Need To Know

  • President and CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Bob Duffy discussed Phase 2 reopening
  • Duffy tells businesses to carefully follow guidelines laid out here
  • He tells other businesses waiting for the green light to get a plan ready now

President and CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Bob Duffy admits there’s been a lot of confusion and frustration over the rollout of Phase 2 in New York’s reopening plan. But he asks for residents to understand the caution. May 29 was never a date set in stone for Phase 2.

“Certainly, people are going to question what is being done. But what the governor doesn’t want to do is open too quickly, mount to public pressure, and then have to close again,” Duffy said.

He says as businesses reopen, owners should read carefully the guidelines at But it boils down to four simple things:

“Face coverings if you can’t stay more than six feet away, hand sanitizing obviously with soap and water at best, the social distancing obviously, that six feet or more between you, and constant disinfecting: surfaces, phones, things customers touch,” Duffy said.

And if you need testing done for your business, that’s available at Monroe Community College.

“I believe there’s no cost at all and results come back fairly quickly," Duffy said. "So you can get that, but that is to really prepare a safe work environment.”

And if you’re still waiting to open in another phase, he says prepare your plan now. The governor’s team is already working toward Phase 3.

“I really advise people: get ready so you’re not wasting one day when that decision comes down,” Duffy said.

And he asks everyone to remain patient.

“I think we’re on a roll here, we just have to stay on course, and keep going," Duffy said. "We all want to be open, but to be open safely.”