ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rain on Wednesday wasn't enough to keep students, families and staff off their bikes.

Students from School 23 took part in National Bike to School Day.

The idea is to help children get the day started off with a little exercise and help give them a feeling of control and autonomy in their daily routine.

The reviews of the ride in the rain differed from student to student.

“When it’s raining I like biking because when theirs giant puddles it splashes up and it looks really cool,” said Cleo, a first grader at School 23.

"Well it's a lot more affordable than driving,” said Jesse Lansner, father of School 23 students. “If people don’t want to worry about gas prices. It gets you a lot of exercise. It gets you some fresh air. It makes the morning a little more enjoyable."

Once they arrived to school, students got hot chocolate.

The Rochester Police Department served as their escort during the ride.