Looking for a fun family challenge to get the kids outside? Cornell Cooperative Extension Monroe County has a five park, five activity mission for some fun prizes. The contest is called "Save the Snowpeople."

Evan Lowenstein is a 4-H youth educator who is all about embracing Rochester winters.

What You Need To Know

  • You can complete five outdoor activities in five Monroe County parks

  • Accomplish the mission and submit your Mission Activity Checklist to be eligible to win a $100 Wegmans gift card or $100 Rochester Public Market gift token package

  • This mission is for all youth to participate in

“So one of the five challenges is learning about conifer trees, which are wonderful in the winter because being Evergreen they give you a dose of green in a long green-less winter,” Lowenstein said.

From finding evergreens, to locating a geocache, to spotting and identifying birds — this winter mission challenge encourages you to explore five different parks. Monroe County has 22 parks to choose from.

If hiking in the snow isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other missions on the challenge like grilling outdoors in the park or building a snow sculpture.

“It could really be easy to just stay inside and be stagnant, but it is really healthy both mentally and physically to be outdoors and moving around,” said Susan Coyle from Cornell Cooperative Extension. “We’re tying in some of the wonderful resources that we have through Cornell University and other land grant institutions so that children can learn while they’re having fun.”

“We are not bears," joked Lowenstein. "We do not hibernate as humans even though it is tempting at times this time of year. It’s important to stay active and exercise your brain and body all winter long."

You can pick up a mission checklist at any Monroe County library or Cornell Cooperative Extension. You can also find it online to print out. The deadline to enter is April 1. You can email or mail in your completed mission checklist to Cornell Cooperative Extension Monroe County. You’ll be eligible to win a $100 Wegmans gift card or a $100 Rochester Public Market token package.