LIMA, N.Y. — Inside the "We Shop" in Lima, you'll find many women hard at work. In total, there are 22 entrepreneurs selling different products and services. 

"We are able to help women sell their goods and services that haven't been able to do it for months since the pandemic happened, and just get the word out for them and help them make some money in a very difficult time," said Marci Nabor, the owner of We Shop. 

What You Need To Know

  • The "We Shop" in Lima is where you'll find many women hard at work, offering various products and services 

  • Owner Marci Nabor says they are trying to help the women who were unable to sell their goods and services during the early months of the pandemic 

  • The "We Shop" has been open since June

One of those vendors is Marty Guenther. She owns her own photography business. With all the craft shows being canceled, she got worried. 

"I was thinking maybe I was just going to throw in the towel and not be in business anymore. Then, I saw the information about We Shop, and one of my friends had joined and I thought maybe this was a perfect way of getting all of my things out of the closet and actually having them visual so people can see them and buy them," said Guenther. 

Debbie Bartoo is a graphic designer who works out of the "We Shop" as well. She says her business hasn't been affected by the pandemic, but she is happy to support other women-owned businesses. 

"We each promote each other. We each get to know each other and see each other's craft and creativity and the shop is perfect. It brings all of us together," said Bartoo. 

The "We Shop" has been open since June. Some shoppers say the store is a success. 

"I love coming here a few times and I just think that all of the stuff is really amazing and the women are really creative here," said Leah Greenich, a shopper from Mendon. 

At the end of the day, the vendors want to do their part to empower women. 

"I have two grown daughters and I've always been a champion for the things that the women are doing. And there's so many different kinds of talents that women have. It's wonderful that we have a place that we showcase them," said Guenther.