Both the federal government and the state of New York have extended the tax deadline to July 15. 

Every year people hurry to file their taxes to meet the usual April 15 tax deadline, but now due to the coronavirus outbreak people have more time. 

"Normally everybody knows, ‘Hey I got to pay by April 15th. I have to file by April 15th or I'm going to get a late payment penalty,’ right, so now July 15th is the equivalent of that," said Jim Schnell, tax director at Mengel Metzger Barr & Co. 

Schnell says even though the deadline has been extended, it's better to go and file the paperwork early, so you can get the refund sooner.

"This is kind of in an unfortunate way a perfect time for everybody to finish up their paperwork and send it in to their tax professional," said Schnell. 

Even though many businesses are closed, the IRS and New York State will still process taxes like they normally would. 

"It's the full intent and purpose of the government to keep the tax process open, business as usual for taxpayers," said Schnell.  

During these trying times, Schnell is pleased that both the federal government and the state government are looking out for the public. 

"We as professionals are very happy that the government is allowing flexibility to meet the needs of all types of taxpayers in this situation," said Schnell.