Students from Roberto Clemente School No. 8 are getting ready for the Black History Month celebration Thursday. 

"They wanted to show for like Black History Tomorrow, they wanted to practice their songs and how they influenced people and how they change people's lives when they listen to them," said AAliyah Brock, a student at the school.

The school puts on a celebration every year as a way to showcase the talents of the students. The show will include dancing and singing. 

"Singing, I love doing that, so when I get on the stage and sing for other people, it just makes me feel good," said Jameera Lester, a student. 

While there will be a performance, the event is put on as a way to remind the youth of some of the sacrifices many African Americans made. 

"Just carrying on the legacy of those that came before us, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and everyone that experienced the hard times that we went through as far as slavery and some of the indifferences of the color of our skin, which should be recognized more than it has been," said Shantel Brown, one of the organizers of the event. 

The show starts at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday at the school on Saint Paul Street.