The Sons of the American Legion is leaving no child behind this holiday season.

It donated $3,000 to eliminate outstanding meal account balances in the Webster School District. The donation will help about 200 students.

"Every student is eligible for free breakfast, free lunch. Breakfast if the district offers it. Not every district offers breakfast. We do here at Webster. But through the program, if they qualify, they would qualify for breakfast and lunch as well," said Assistant Superintendent Brian Freeman.

"We wanted to eliminate the kids most in need [which] was our outreach at this point. So the free lunch balances, the reduced lunch balances, and then those that don't find themselves eligible for the program, but are still in need," said Nate Burdick, a commander with the Sons of the American Legion.

The donation will help cut down on the school's $13,000 debt it has accrued since the "Meal Shaming" law went into effect. It prohibits schools from denying children who are unable to pay for their meal.