A giant stone eagle which stood watch over a Rochester Police Department precinct more than 100 years ago is fully restored after a trip from outside into City Hall and finally, to the Public Safety Building.

The unveiling of the restored statue is part of the department marking its 200th year of serving the city.

In 1915, the statue sat atop a police precinct on Bronson Avenue, on the city's southwest side. It ended up in a courtyard, and from there, Bill Heaster's restoration team swooped in.

"It wasn't hard to move, the difficult part was getting it out of the courtyard. We actually had to bring it up on the elevator and it barely fit," Heaster said.

The eagle was missing a knee and part of the left feather, but after three days of work, it now sits on an 1,100 pound stone base and is ready for its official unveiling on Tuesday.