SCOTTSVILLE, N.Y. — Two parents have opened an ice cream shop in Scottsville in honor of their son’s memory.

To someone just driving through, it may look like just a colorful ice cream store on the corner.

“It’s delicious," said customer Susan Hewitt. "You get so many flavors to choose from, you can come here 100 times and there’s still more flavors to choose some.”

However, for the residents of Scottsville, it’s so much more.

“It’s nice to remember him, and all the memories we had with him,” said 10-year-old Sam Kakarantzis.

IKON opened Memorial Day weekend, and is a tribute to the memory of Kael Nicolosi, who passed away in a car accident last February, weeks before his 9th birthday.

 “The first year, we just tried to survive," said father and owner Keith Nicolosi. "As difficult as that was, every day getting out of bed, doing anything. Even a phone call seemed like climbing a mountain.”

But his parents transformed that pain into something positive when they opened the store.

“It brings us joy and happiness because his friends come in here, they dance, they remember him," said owner and mother Tiffany Nicolosi. "Everyone talks about him, and that’s what we want to do. We want to continue to talk about him and make sure he’s never forgotten.”

Everything from the purple walls and orange ceiling, to the Minecraft sword hanging on the wall, represent who Kael was.

“Bright and vibrant, just like he was; full of life," Keith said.

It’s only fitting. After all, the ice cream store was Kael’s dream.

“He begged us to buy a ice cream truck, and go around selling ice cream to people," Mrs. Nicolosi said. "And we were like 'no, that would take so much responsibility, we would have to do it all the time.' He’s like, 'I’ll do it, before school, after school. All the time.'”

From his classmates to community members, Kael's legacy lives on.

“He was really sweet and generous," Kakarantzis said. "Very kind, lovable boy.”

“I feel like the little boy made it a town again," Hewitt said. "Where people can bring their families, and he would’ve been one of them if there was an ice cream store when he was here.”

“It’s so touching, because that’s what he was about," Tiffany said.

A tasty treat that means so much more.