Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ended affirmative action in higher education admissions, meaning race can’t solely be considered when reviewing an applicant.

In New York, legislation has been proposed by Sen. Andrew Gounardes and Assembly Member Latrice Walker that would end the practice of “legacy admissions” in New York. Gounardes told Capital Tonight that the system of “legacy admissions” strikes at the “notion of a meritocracy.”

A “legacy” student is a person who has had a family member attend that institution. With the Supreme Court ending race as a consideration in admissions, Gounardes argues that there is “zero justification to have affirmative action just for privileged students.”

The bill is currently in committee in both house of the legislature and has not received a full floor vote in either chamber. Gounardes says in the wake of the Supreme Court decision, “the time is right. The time is now” for passing the bill.