Rochester Brainery is one of many businesses that have had its fair share of struggles because of COVID-19, but is getting a helping hand from the community.

"I was kind of running into a lot of dead ends, a lot of hurdles and just trying to figure what the best solution was," said Danielle Raymo, owner of Rochester Brainery.

What You Need To Know

  • Like many businesses, Rochester Brainery has felt the effects of COVID-19

  • The business was not able to provide its venues as rental space, or have in-person classes

  • A GoFundMe was started, with a goal to raise $25,000

  • Owner Danielle Raymo is thankful for the support

For months, the business has not been able to provide its venue as rental space, or have in-person classes teaching creative hobbies.

It put Raymo in a tough spot.

A GoFundMe was started to help.

"The GoFundMe doesn't necessarily replace everything that was lost, but it's a certainly a good chuck to help us continue," said Raymo.

Sara Kozak of Ritual Clay Company teaches a pottery class at Rochester Brainery.

She helped organize this fundraiser.

The goal is to raise $25,000.

"Danielle has done so much for so many different people, and just individuals in our community as a whole, that it would have been devastating blow that couldn't happen. It's something that I think needs to continue to keep moral up," Kozak explained.

While Raymo is providing online and outdoor classes to help keep her business afloat, she is thankful that the community continues to help her financially.

"The space was meant to be a space where can learn together, grow together, and it's so nice to have been able to do that for the past seven years," said Raymo.