The 19th annual Rochester International Jazz Fest would have been going on right now, leaving vendors to find innovative ways to get business.

The Meatball Truck Company said it had to reinvent itself after festivals, parties and events got cancelled. For the past few months the food truck has been driving through Rochester neighborhoods serving dinner.

Now that the state is slowly opening back up, it is scheduling more weddings and graduation parties.

The food truck has been serving up the jazz fest since 2014.

"I miss the energy and the vibrancy,” said The Meatball Truck President Michele Yancey. “I have to say that Jazz Fest and ROC Holiday Village are my two favorite events of the year. There's an energy there…the city comes out.  I can honestly tell you that last year on the final night when Trombone Shorty was playing at Parcel Five, I've never experienced anything like that."

Rochester's jazz festival is tentatively set for October 2 through the tenth.