We all know the challenges of starting a small business, but imagine opening your doors right before the coronavirus restrictions are in place.

Luanne Bianchi is a full time physician assistant in the emergency department of Rochester General Hospital, but she had a dream to bring a quaint donut, cake, and coffee shop to her town.

She made that dream come true with Krazy Cakes Donutz and Coffee.

So, the determined breast cancer survivor opened her doors on North Greece Rd. February 1st.  Less than two months later, the state's PAUSE policy went into place, restricting the way businesses can operate.

"I did lose some sleep,” Bianchi said. “We were doing okay as things started shutting down around us, COVID-19 took its toll."

Bianchi adapted, closing off the shop's sitting area, putting down social distancing lines for those coming in,  disinfecting after each customer, and moving a lot of orders online.

And the community is stepping up.  Rick Antelli who owns a hair salon just two doors down in the same plaza and is closed during the restrictions, still comes in to support his neighbor.

“We're all praying and sticking together and I’m sure we're going to get through this together,” Antelli said.   And that things will change soon and by the end of April everybody will be back to normal and things will start up again. Meanwhile we'll do all we can.”

Bianchi hopes her special maple bacon donuts, or her Reese's and strawberry crunch cupcakes will keep folks coming in to her shop as she also continues to care for the sick coming into her ED at the hospital.

”I come in and I work,” Bianchi said.  “It's my job to serve the community and that's what I do.”