While some on Monday may be discussing the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win or that offensive pass interference call, Dixon Schwabl in Rochester is talking commercials.

In their annual ad review meeting, the agency discussed what makes a good commercial and which ones fell short. Pete Wayner said a good commercial doesn’t have to come from celebrity power or huge budgets. It’s great storytelling that resonates. It can be done here in Rochester or on the national scale. Many look forward to commercials that make them laugh.

On Sunday night it may have been the Smart Park, Jeep, Hulu or Rocket Mortgage commercials. But one of the most talked-about commercials was a touching Google ad.

“You’ve got a commercial that doesn’t rely on star power, big flashy things. Facebook had both of those things and it was a great commercial, but it didn’t have the emotional resonance like Loretta from Google because that didn’t rely on any of those things. It just relied on relatability and storytelling,” said Pete Wayner, production supervisor for Dixon Schwabl.

By reviewing these commercials, the agency is able to come up with new ideas and storytelling techniques that could cost millions of dollars to produce and fit them into their budgets. 

When the group discussed the Goggle ad, one point brought up was that it was a commercial that could be done here in Rochester or anywhere on a minimal budget, but also have a big impact.