Capitalizing on cannabis in New York State — that was the topic of a community discussion at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Rochester Thursday afternoon.

The event, called Canna-Business: Capitalizing on the Cannabis Economy, was organized by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Flower City Solutions.

Spectrum News anchor Cristina Domingues moderated two of the panels as part the discussion, including topics such as legalization, regulation, social justice, as well as innovation, health, and medicine.

One interesting take away from the panel — there's more to cannabis than THC.

"It's also encompassing any piece of the plant itself so that could be the fiber which has been used for clothing, paper, stuffing for mattresses, etc. It also encompasses the oils that are removed from it which have been included in topicals or sold as tinctures. I think Wegmans may actually have them now and then other byproducts of the plant itself," said Morgan Hopkins, CPA at DeJoy, Knauf & Blood LLP.

New York failed to include legalization in the State Budget earlier this year.

A new bill has been proposed that combines Governor Cuomo's state budget as well as provide enhanced regulations for hemp.