As we inch closer to the finding out who will be in the Super Bowl the Bills are continuing their prep to execute an off-season plan, but what should that plan be?

The Bills followed-up their first playoff appearance in 17 years with a 6-10 season, but Brandon Beane, Sean McDermott, and even a lot of players feel this franchise is set up better now than a year ago — with about $83 million in cap space and up to 10 draft picks at their disposal. That said, here's three things to look for this off-season:

Let's begin with that cap space, and don't feel it all has to be spent. Beane's buzz word of "judicious" is a clue that he won't. I'd guess that's where holes on the offensive line are addressed, as well as maybe adding depth at linebacker and corner, but the wide receiver class is top heavy with guys 30 or older so that's not the place to find a No. 1 target.

The best place to do so is through a trade. Beane's shown he's not afraid to wheel and deal and it wouldn't shock me if this is the avenue the Bills go to add a dynamic top wide receiver. Don't let the Kelvin Benjamin experience steer you away from the idea. I know AJ Green's been a hot name in the rumor mill and I don't think he'd cost as much as Antonio Brown or even a hail mary attempt at Julio Jones.

Finally, don't freak out if the Bills don't address the offense with their first round pick. This draft is loaded defensively in the top ten and outside of a tackle, I don't see the value being there at No. 9. It's not like the defense couldn't use additions, especially at edge rusher.

So there's my blue print of sorts to prepare you for the months ahead. The draft process begins next week down in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl.