If you want a look into how the offensive line performed this season from the eyes of LeSean McCoy, this was Shady's reaction to scoring a TD in the finale: "That was probably the biggest hole this year.”

While McCoy certainly shoulders some of the blame for the worst season of his career, the blocking did him no favors — and Brandon Beane knows it.​ 

"Having a good O-line is a sum of the parts. You can have three or four really good ones, but if they’re not gelled, it doesn’t matter who you’ve got. Our line individually, there’s some guys that have played a lot of snaps and have been on some good O-lines, even here, that have rushed for a lot of yardage. But this year, we weren’t able to gel,” said Beane.

So how does Beane fix it?

"We’re looking to bring competition in, and we’ll definitely look at free agency, but if we get two guys that we think will are worthy, we’ll add two. If it’s one, if it’s five…Whatever it is, we’ll do that and then see how the draft falls. But you can also add talent after the draft I know people don’t think that, but there are times that you can. There will also be guys who I don’t even know that are coming out that are going to be cap casualties on teams in February and early March,” said Beane. 

An interesting note on Dion Dawkins and his future at left tackle: Sean McDermott called Dawkins’ sophomore season inconsistent, especially with penalties, and didn't rule out flipping him back to the right side — where Dawkins began his rookie training camp.