The Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board says the primary cause of last year's flooding along Lake Ontario was due to extreme and unprecedented wet weather across the entire basin.

The Board says Plan 2014 did not cause or contribute to the flooding and that no regulation plan could have prevented it, but that managing the outflows did reduce the impact.

Residents who who live along the shores of Lake Ontario aren't buying the latest IJC report. 

“IJC contributed to it by not letting the water out soon enough in our opinion nor fast enough until right at the very end, and by then it was too late. They are part of the problem clearly,” said Lakeshore resident Bill Reddy.


The massive influx of water into Lake Ontario flooded communities in New York State and in Canada.

“We ran sump pumps for 5 months because of the water was coming underneath the sand and coming right in. I`m 71, I lived here my entire life. Never did I see anything like this last year,” said Sally Fien.

The Board says the data from 2017 will be used to validate, update and improve models and tools for the current regulation plan.

“All the experts don’t agree and all the people that live along the lake front don’t agree,” said Fien.  

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