*Three Up, Three Down is Greg Vorse looking deeper into the week-by-week fantasy rankings to tell you 3 guys ranked 15th or worse who should be in your starting lineup and 3 guys ranked inside the top 10 that he thinks could underachieve.


1 UP) Tyrod Taylor, QB, Browns: Taylor is a lifelong under valued fantasy QB and is only projected to finish as QB 17 this week. Taylor put up 22 points against the Steelers in the rain last week and this time around he gets the Saints who were shredded by the Bucs. I'm not sure he can duplicate the 77 rush yards he had on Sunday, but until he is benched for Baker Mayfield he is a QB to keep an eye on.

2 UP) Jay Ajayi, RB, Eagles: Ajayi ended up being Philly's best fantasy player last week in a weird game against the Falcons as he scored a pair of touchdowns to go with 62 yards for 20 points. This week he's still only ranked 20th among RBs and gets the Bucs who were shredded by the Saints Alvin Kamara. I don't expect Ajayi to be Kamara, but as the lead back for the Eagles, he could be "Philly Special" this week.

3 UP) Panthers D: The Panthers were thought to have a tough opponent week one, but instead they held Dallas to 8 points and netted the 5th best fantasy week for defenses. The opponent appears to get harder this week with a trip to Atlanta, but the Falcons offense still can't find the endzone, so it's not as bad of a matchup as it looks like on paper. If you are scared about the D you have and could pick up Carolina because they are projected to get just 5 points, that's not a terrible move.


1 DOWN) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys: I gave you Zeke last week because I just don't trust that offense or his line as currently constituted. I am going to ride that train until they prove me wrong or until outlets stop ranking him in the top 3 RBs. While his 16 points last week was decent, you need more than that for a top 3 back and with an extremely small sample size he could become touchdown dependent.

2 DOWN) Jack Doyle, TE, Colts: This is more about the timeshare with Ebron stealing so targets and less about Doyle or the matchup. If you pair them together it was a massive 26 point performance, but that's not how it works. Andrew Luck will most likely spread the love around as long as both are healthy and to me that means neither should ever be ranked in the top 5 as Doyle is this week against the Redskins.

3 DOWN) Saints D: The best time to buy is when a team is down and the Saints D can't get much more down than -9 points against the Bucs. This week they get the Browns, I don't think they will dominate Cleveland, but I'd expect more than the projected 6 points at home versus a team that is currently 0-0-1.

DEEP DIVE: Last week I told you to start Steelers RB James Conner - WIN! This week I think the guy blowing by his projection is Texans WR Will Fuller. Ranked at the 38th WR heading into their game against Tennessee, Fuller could once again resume his spot as Deshaun Watson's big play threat. Both players (and their owners) hope that helps them on the stat sheet.

UP/DOWN TRACKER: Last week I got a pair of ups right and a pair of downs right, plus the deep dive. When you are going against the "experts" picks, I'll take batting .714 every day of the week and twice on Fantasy Football Sundays.



Josh Allen is ranked the 32nd QB and there isn't any real reason to roster him until you see him play and survive behind that line.

LeSean McCoy sits at #15 and that feels about right. He has to get more that 7 touches, but I wouldn't go all-in after what we saw in Baltimore.

Kelvin Benjamin could have salvaged an awful game with a TD reception from Allen in garbage time, but instead he let it bounce off his chest. Slotted 45th seems low for a #1 WR, but he needs to step up.

Charles Clay is ranked 18th and could be a nice security blanket for the rookie QB, but again, until he proves a worthwhile start, I'd leave him on the pine. 


*Remember, these are only suggestions, unless your team kills it with my moves and you wanna give a little kick back.