Thick smoke covered West Seneca on Tuesday as fire crews worked for more than four hours to put out flames at a construction recycling storage facility.

They had to shut down Union Road for several hours while firefighters battled the flames.

An assistant chief says no one was inside when flames broke out and no firefighters were hurt, but it was a challenging fire to fight.

"The problem with a fire like this, because of all of the construction debris, you have everything layered on top of it. So you have maybe 60 tons of debris on it. The fire is deep seeded. You have to move it around. That's why we had the front loader and the excavator in there. And then on top of all that, the extreme heat, that's why we brought the other firefighters in,” said John Gullo, Vigilant Fire Department first assistant chief.

The assistant chief says they're working to figure out how the fire started and get an idea of just how much damage was done.