Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a statement on Tuesday, blasted the comments made by President Donald Trump in the Oval Office earlier the day suggesting the federal response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation on Puerto Rico was a success.

"He should tell that to the families of the 2,975 people who died in the wake of the storm. As FEMA’s own report shows, the federal government failed the people of Puerto Rico in their time of greatest need," Cuomo said. "Let me be clear: these are Americans, Mr. President, who you let down, tossed a few rolls of paper towels to, and then abandoned in a way you never would have done in Florida and Texas."

Cuomo has traveled several times to the island in the wake of the storm to provide state resources to the recovery effort. He announced last month that New York would sue the federal government over the response.

"Unlike the federal government, New York has stood with Puerto Rico and will continue to help our brothers and sisters on the long path to recovery," Cuomo said.

"Instead of patting himself on the back over this utter failure, President Trump should do something useful and push his fellow Washington Republicans to deliver the aid package Puerto Rico still desperately needs to recover and rebuild."