Gov. Andrew Cuomo has accepted an invitation to visit some New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartments, the governor's office said Sunday.

Attorneys who represent a group of residents suing the public housing authority said they called on Cuomo last week to see living conditions in some of the apartments.

They said many people living in NYCHA units are in homes plagued with lead and mold, and are without heat and hot water.

Speaking with NY1 earlier this week, the governor blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio for allowing the issues to go unresolved.

Many residents have been left in the cold this winter due to old and broken boilers.

In a statement released Sunday evening, a NYCHA spokesperson said, "The Mayor's public housing investments are at record levels, while the Governor's promises have fallen far short. After three decades of Andrew Cuomo's political involvement in New York City, we do welcome his new interest in helping our city’s public housing tenants."

The mayor on Thursday announced that the city is speeding up major heating repairs at NYCHA buildings.

The chair of the city agency has also been under siege for signing paperwork that claimed NYCHA conducted required annual inspections in apartments for lead paint over a four-year period, beginning in 2013, when they did not.