The town of West Seneca was under water Monday evening.

Warm temperatures caused snow and ice to melt, forming ice jams in local waterways.

According to one town board member, they had to evacuate 30 homes because of the rising water.

The town supervisor says she believes the ice jams will break up heading into the morning, dissipating the problem.

Until then, water rescue teams are set up around town to help with any emergencies.

Flooding has been an issue in West Seneca in the past, and officials say they are working to find a better solution to the problem.

“We talked about having some kind of regional asset that will take care of Buffalo, Cheektowaga, West Seneca, things that we can use in situations like this, maybe maintained by the county, maybe maintained by us, maybe maintained by the city of Buffalo. We’ve initiated some talks about getting better equipment in here for the future for creeks that are only six foot in depth or where the ice is piling up year after year,” said Bill Hanley, West Seneca councilman.

A warming shelter was set up at the Union Fire Hall for people who had to be evacuated.