More than 70 employees of the Erie County Sheriff's Office have been named in a civil suit following the 2016 death of 27-year-old India Cummings in the Erie County Holding Center.

The suit comes amid an investigation from the state Attorney General's Office.

Protesters started gathering outside the holding center on Saturday, and say they plan to do so every day through February 21.

The timeline mirrors when Cummings was arrested three years ago until she died at the holding center.

The civil suit filed Friday on behalf of Cummings' estate seeks damages for personal injuries and wrongful death.

It accuses all 72 defendants of violating Cummings' rights to minimum standard of health care and subjecting her to inhumane conditions during confinement.

Three sheriff's deputies are also accused of malicious prosecution.

When Cummings was taken into custody in 2016 she had a broken arm.

The Rochester woman was held for 16 days before being transported to a hospital where she was declared brain dead.

It was later determined she had been suffering from renal failure.

A 2018 report from the New York State Commission of Corrections declared Cummings’ death a homicide due to medical neglect.

The state Attorney General's Office announced it was investigating the case back in September.