It's one of the few times coming in last isn't such a bad thing.

According to a study by Magnify Money, Buffalo is ranked 48 on a list of 50 cities where college degrees matter least.  

"I think that it's possible that people are finding alternative and self-reliant ways of making their living and I think that's pretty exciting," said Magnify Money writer Kali McFadden. 

McFadden led the study on whether the student debt burden has overwhelmed the value of a college degree. 

"There does seem to be an underlying economy [in Buffalo] that does support people who don't have college degrees," added McFadden. 

Despite the data, higher education degrees are still valuable in the Queen City, she said. 

"You have a big healthcare industry there," McFadden said. “There are a lot of people who in the pursuit of their careers are going to have not just college degrees, but advanced degrees.” 

However, for those who choose not to pursue that avenue of higher education, McFadden's study suggests the quality of life in Buffalo won't be lessened by that choice.

The study also revealed just how people age 25 and older are earning a living. 

"Entrepreneurs in Buffalo were some of the youngest in country," she said. 

The study notes home ownership rates in Buffalo are high and similar among those with and without higher degrees. 

McFadden aid the cost of living, coupled with the resurgence happening in Buffalo make it a place where anyone can thrive despite their educational background. 

"I think there's also something about the Great Lakes culture where there isn't necessarily as much ‘show-off –iness’ or ‘keeping up with Joneses’ in terms of what people think is priority spending,” she said.