The Lumber City Church in North Tonawanda will host what’s sure to be a night to remember – and “Shine” – early next year.

The church is the only facility in the area to host the Tim Tebow Foundation’s “Night to Shine” prom for people with special needs.

The event will have guests feeling like royalty, from the red carpets awaiting their arrival to the professionally done hair and makeup, limo rides and dancing all night. And at the end of the event, each guest is crowned as king or queen of the prom.

Even though the event is still months away and the first meeting for volunteers took place earlier this week, more than 100 Western New Yorkers have already committed to help.

"The interest in it has been overwhelming already,” said Chad Rieselman, pastor of the Lumber City Church. “That's where we get our sense that everything we need is going to be provided for, just in the amount of folks. Folks we've never met are coming from every corner of Western New York.”

The prom is scheduled for Friday, February 8.

Right now, Lumber City Church leaders are looking for in-kind donations, as well as monetary donations to meet their nearly $10,000 budget.

For more information and to learn how to help, visit