ORLANDO, Fla. -- If you're nuts about Southwest Airline's peanuts, you might want to stash a few bags before August 1.

  • Southwest to stop serving peanuts on August 1
  • Done for customers with peanut allergies
  • Peanuts part of Southwest culture, history

That's when the airline will stop serving the lightly salted legumes on its flights, instead serving pretzels on all flights.

In a blog post Tuesday on the Southwest website, the company said the decision was not made lightly, but was done for customers who were allergic to peanuts or peanut dust.

"Although peanuts are very much a part of our Company’s heritage and have always been part of Southwest Airlines’ identity, it became clear after careful evaluation that the risks of serving peanuts outweigh the rewards," the post said.

Peanuts have been a mainstay on Southwest flights for years, and a reason people chose the airline. 

In 2000, the peanuts became wedding favors when a couple tied the knot at the Southwest gate where they first met. The peanuts were handed out instead of rice.

Another couple got married in similar fashion 10 years later, in Feb. 2010. Again, Southwest peanuts were part of the festivities.

The airline's blog was even called "Nuts about Southwest" in homage to the peanuts served on board.

Comments on the blog post show not everyone was OK with the decision, especially those who suffer from Celiac Disease or wheat allergy.