ALFRED, N.Y. — New York State Trooper Nicholas Clark, who was killed Monday in the town of Erwin while responding to a domestic call, was mourned Sunday at Alfred University, where Clark attended. Law enforcement from across the state attended the funeral.

Clark was 29 years old, and joined the state police force in 2015.

Family and friends shared stories about Trooper Clark's life and talked about his passion and call to serve.  

"He was always helping others, steady, consistent and with a great sense of humor,” said Superintendent George Beach II, NYSP. “Nick wanted to be the best at whatever he put his mind to. By his example, he also lifted those who were around him, pushing them to be the best that they could be.

"He went into harm's way to protect the innocent, and despite the grave risk that he faced, he performed his duty to help others. That is a true hero."

After the funeral, helicopters flew over, and there was a 21-gun salute.

Clark's killer was Steven Kiley, 43, who worked as school principal in the Bradford Central School District. Police said the dispute was between Kiley and his estranged wife.

An autopsy report showed that Clark was killed by buckshot from a 12-gauge shotgun, and that Kiley died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Officials say he was also shot by police in the chest and would have likely died from his injuries if he had not taken his own life. 

State police investigators found 12 illegal firearms in Kiley's home, including 8 assault rifles. Numerous high-capacity magazines were also recovered.

"We could all learn from Nick Clark, from the example that he set in his 29 years here. Never hesitate. Challenge yourself. Smile. Laugh," said Beach.